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Pullman Hotel Dresden Newa

Prager Straße 2c
01069 Dresden
T: +49 351 481 410 9

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Sustainability & Social Engagement at Pullman Dresden Newa

Daniel Schlomann, Cluster General Manager

Our Declaration of Love to the Planet:

Sustainability is no longer just about how we handle our products, but about how we treat ourselves and others. Therefore, it should no longer be a separate component, but rather an integral part of our actions. One that naturally permeates everything we do.

Once you start, there’s no stopping. I catch myself thinking about sustainability every day – and even enjoying it.

That wasn’t the case a few years ago. Don’t be afraid of not getting everything right. Now I know: Sustainability means starting. It means seeking solutions. And it’s not from the top down, but as a team. To continue to grow within this team and in the areas that matter to us.

Daniel Schlomann

Cluster General Manager, Pullman Dresden Newa

Gold medal for our sustainability program

We’ve already earned the Gold Medal of our sustainability program Planet 21 with our actions… and we’re in the midst of working towards the next level, Platinum!

Speaking of awards: Not only were we Dresden’s first Certified Green Hotel, but in mid-2023, we underwent a thorough audit and once again proved ourselves in all examinations – and increased our score by a whopping 162 points.

Contact us

This matter of the heart has grown so much within us that, in addition to our Sustainability Manager, our sustainability team now has its own email address from which we are happy to answer your questions:

Make a Green Choice

And you can pitch in too: Make a Green Choice

…and for the environment’s sake, don’t have your room cleaned every day. As a thank you, your next drink is on us!

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take matters into our own hands by…

Weihnachtspäckchen Konvoi_Johanniter

Our employees

It wouldn’t be possible without them. That’s why we always have something in store for them:

Diversity Management

With these 19 letters, we embrace diversity for our Pullmen and -women and the entire hotel. We are as proud as the Pride Flag that 🏳️‍🌈

  • our hotel is LGBTQIA+ certified, and our employees can be whoever they want to be. We proudly display this at the hotel entrance!
  • many of our employees have been with us for up to 45 years!
  • people of all age groups play the role of hosts here, from 16 to 65 years old
  • when you visit our hotel, you’ll encounter not only guests from around the world but also our hosts from 12 different nations!
  • we are BGN-awarded. What does that mean? Health and safety, ongoing education, and training at our hotel go beyond legal requirements.
  • we regularly reevaluate ourselves and our principles through training sessions.
  • we have an anti-discrimination concept in place to combat discrimination. The Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Charter of our hotel chain, Accor, is as lengthy as its title, but thanks to the training, it becomes part of our hotel staff’s ethos.
  • we do not engage with customers and suppliers who do not adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Sustainability to smell and taste

…at Le Boulevard:

  • Our chef spices up the international cuisine with seasonal highlights, merging with regional Saxon dishes on your plate.
  • Starting now, you’ll find even more vegetarian and vegan options at breakfast!
  • This includes eggs from free-range instead of caged hens. It’s still not perfect because, despite the label, hens in this type of housing don’t have much free space. That’s why we’re gradually making more improvements.
  • If you prefer fish, it’s ASC-certified here.
  • You’ll only taste certified fair-trade coffee and tea with us. And in the rooms, you can enjoy organic coffee capsules made from renewable resources, CO2-neutral, and fully compostable.
  • Single-use plastic packaging? Farewell.
  • To avoid overproduction in Le Boulevard, our chef has developed a special concept – so more ends up in your stomach and less in the trash!

What's next?

  • Separate bins for recycling in the rooms
  • More environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Water station with reusable bottles for all guests and staff
  • External consulting in areas where we’re not so knowledgeable
Vertikaler Garten - Pullman Dresden Newa

As you can see:

Living green is incredibly diverse and is not just about the environment or people. Sustainability means diversity – it doesn’t start here and end there. That’s how we understand it at Pullman.

It doesn’t mean that we get everything right from the beginning. For our rather traditional industry, it’s a process that is far from being as established as in others. The hospitality sector has a long way to go. And we are right in the midst of it…